There are many internet tools where you can calculate your age. But Your Age Calculator is an exceptional tool. We have created it to give accurate information about your age.

You can use it to find out how many days you have until your next birthday. Now we will discuss with you how you should use it.

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Process of using Your Age Calculator

It is easy to use Your Age Calculator to count your current age. You have to select your date of birth in the form. There are three options in the form, and the first option is the day.

You have to select the day of your birth here. The second option is the month. You have to select the month of your birth here. The last option is the year. You have to select the year of your birth here.

After giving all information, click on the calculate button. You will instantly get the result in years, months and days. You will also know how many months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds you have been living.

Another good thing is that you will be able to know how many days you have until your next birthday. So give the date of your birth to know your current age.

Periods of Human Age

You have already calculated your age using the Your Age Calculator tool. Now let's know something about the human age period.

Fantastic tool: Your Age Calculator
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Several periods appear throughout the life of a man. Childhood, adolescence, youth, and old age are the main periods.

There is no doubt that each period has different importance in human life. Let's discuss these periods elaborately.


Childhood is a little different than any other period. The childhood period starts from 3/4 years and ends at 11/12 years.

During this time, children are very restless. Let's find out exactly why childhood is more important than any other period.

Intelligence Development: The overall intelligence of a person develops during childhood. Children's brains remain more active, and different aspects of intelligence begin to open in this period.

It is the cause why you will see children doing various experiments during childhood. A child's brain can work a thousand times faster.

It is An Important period of mental development: Childhood is a period of mental development. Children learn to judge good and bad things during this time.

They also learn to understand right and wrong. Besides, the complete education of overall life starts from this time. It is during this time that a child's mental structure develops.

Powerful Memory: It has been proven in all fields that a person's memory remains strong during childhood. Notice that children can remember where things are at this time. The memorization is so sharp at this time.

Develop as a kind person: Childhood is a period when all kinds of emotions start to develop in a child. It is during this time that a child develops empathy towards others. Learn to love others at this time.

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Learn to discover: Children learn to discover themselves during childhood. They form ideas about what they can and cannot do.


Adolescence is the sweetest period of human life. The foundation of life starts to build during this time. As the chances of making mistakes are high, there are people to guide in the right direction.

The most important part of this adolescence is the role of friends and family. Just as a teenage mistake is enough to ruin anyone's life, it is also time to put talents to use.

Puberty: During this time, some changes occur in both boys and girls. Girls experience a change in speech, behavior, and body during this time which we know as the period.

Girls are often frightened by these physical changes. They do it with friends instead of sharing with family. As a result, instead of having a clear idea about it, they have misconceptions.

For boys, a wrong decision during puberty can lead them into a world of addiction. So the family should take care of their child during adolescence. Make him feel that we are by your side.


Youth is the most significant period of human life. Youth overflowing with creativity and creativity is the root of meaning and failure of a person's life, the darkness of ups and downs.

People have to suffer the sweet and sour results of happiness and sorrow. People also suffer joy and pain, hope and despair, achievement and non-achievement.

This suffering depends on the actions and inactions done on youth and intelligence. Youth is a kind of mirror. A man's youthful deeds become reflected in his future life.

People should be careful and active from their youth if they want to lead their life smoothly and beautifully. Otherwise, one has to suffer many problems in life.

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And to face all those problems, a person has to be very confident. Otherwise, it becomes difficult for him to face the problem.

Most young people spend the entire beautiful period of youth only in search of pleasure, frivolity, and fun. Very few people stick to the creation of creative and lasting action.

Many people want to spend the beautiful days of youth by taking various types of drugs. Although these things give them happiness for a short period of life, they bring danger to the future.

They like to spend precious time in life through many cheap movies, books, etc. Bypassing the creative time, they waste the precious beauty of the youth.

It shows a lack of thinking. They do not even think about a meaningful and successful youth period in their sane mind.

Old Age

There is no doubt that old age is the last phase of human life. The age of reaching old age can vary from person to person. Human life passes through childhood, adolescence, and youth and comes to old age.

Aim of Developing Your Age Calculator Tool

It is good to set the aim for every work. There is an aim of developing this fantastic tool named Your Age Calculator. Helping people to find the accurate calculation of their age is the aim of creating this tool in Nehrin.